Contract CFO/COO

Are you a small business owner? Do you love what you do but hate having to stop doing the important, fun work that you love in order to pay bills, get an insurance policy, deal with taxes, or any of the 900 other things you have to do in order to have the “freedom” of being your own boss?

Is your business thriving and beginning to outgrow your capacity to hold it all together on your own, yet you’re still not quite ready for a full-time CFO or COO to help manage it?

Do you want to insure that your business has a solid foundation to grow on so you don’t fail by succeeding?

If any of these apply to you, let’s talk. I am a CFO/COO for hire with experience building and implementing the systems a business needs to function efficiently and effectively, and I know the importance of keeping the CEO’s plate clear so you can focus on driving the vision and growth that is vital to your business.

Email me to get the conversation started. Rates negotiable.